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Anyways TIR and 1 or 3 monitors is much better than glasses IMO. Nothing like playing IL2 with TIR and single or multi monitor. Oblivion is rated a two on the three-level compatibility scale.

We fared far better in a three-dimensional romp through Gears of War, but the 3D effect still comes with a fatal flaw. A similar stereoscopic deficiency permeates real-time strategy titles. These have a tendency to slap the HUD in the foreground as a 2D layer riding on top of the 3D action setting. Unit names are split and very difficult to read or directly click on in World in Conflict as a result of the same stereo separation effect mentioned earlier.

They are compatible with x64 bits, of course check in nvidia drivers page. Fixing this issue is a compromise: dial down the settings to improve the quality and the 3D effect is lessened. We wish other manufacturers would take a gander at the ZM-M220W, but not for its extra dimension. No other game is so immersive, even FPS which are very nice, btw. Of course, all of this is partially subjective.

Their audio quality is poor enough due to their size. Three dimensional monitors are as much of a niche as physics cards and PC wind simulators. But for me, nothing is better. Our team of industry experts give you the guidance you need to make the most informed buying decisions and deliver the best guides on how to use and optimize your experience.

Maximum PC is part of Future plc, an international media group and digital publisher. I recommend everybody to test it if they have a chance, if possible in a big screen the effect is much more intense. BTW, the NVIDIA glasses need a screen with at least 100 Hz, in order to have a rock stable without flicker experience. Visit our Corporate Site. Unofficially they work at 85 Hz under certain circumstances, which could be good, depending on the person.

All you need to do is install the NVIDIA 3D driver, load up your favorite game, put on the supplied polarizing glasses or clip-ons and be amazed. These monitors are compatible with over 20 recent games and more are being added to the list every week.

They also works brilliantly in 2D mode for general purpose use and boast built-in audio to boot.

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видео уроки бодифлексом

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What I am looking for is the correct settingson the back of the monitor to use the monitor as a standard PC monitor.

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