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Сочинение роман мастер и маргарита открыл для меня что то новое

Там я провел целую неделю. Winter holidays are shorter than summer ones. They begin at the end of December and last about two weeks. It is so nice to have a rest from school. Там много пляжей где отдыхают люди, но один из них самый востребованный, его с одной стороны омывает Волга, а с другой-Кокшага.

There are New Year parties for children at schools and theatres. Cinemas show children films and cartoons. Boys like to play hockey on the ice. Many children go to the skating-rinks to skate. Small children play snowballs and make snowmen, or ride on the sledges happily.

There is always something interesting on during winter holidays. Sometimes my friends come to see me and we play computer games or listen to music. There is also more time for reading, drawing, making model planes and other hobbies.

My Attitude to the Profession of a Teacher. Political System of the USA. I was very happy. I could stay in the bed till midday. There were a lot of things to do. The weather was fine so my freinds and I went to the skating- rink almost every day.

Then I spent a week in the country where my grandfather and grandmother lived. I drank milk and eat a lot of tasty food which my granny prepared for me. I have many friends in this village because I go there every holidays. We went to the forest to ski, we made snowmen and played snowballs.

Методика "Детско-родительские отношения в подростковом возрасте" - родитель глазами подростка35.

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Сочинение роман мастер и маргарита открыл для меня что то новое:

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